For small groups of researchers interested in a specific Research topic, IARSA provides an organisational framework in the form of IARSA Working Groups. These Groups are a very important part of IARSA. They provide a forum for promoting research in the areas represented by IARSA.

Working groups serve to advance the goals of the International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) through the sharing of resources, best practices, and relevant information with group members and the broader research community. Participating in one of the four working groups is a powerful means by which members can shape the future of research practice.

Active IARSA Working Groups have a meeting at least once a year where the members exchange ideas, experiences and research results, and support each other in research work. In addition to their annual meetings, the groups also have other ways of working; for example they organise sessions in conferences, publish feature issues of the IARSA’s International Education and Research Journal and organise conferences or seminars. Working groups also provide an opportunity for both new and experienced leaders to hone and develop skills and visibility within the field.