Welcome to the International Association of Research Scholars and Administrators (IARSA)’s website.

The International Association of Research Scholars and Administrators (IARSA) have a proud and distinguished research history. I encourage you to look around our website and discover for yourself the tremendous contributions to sciences, arts, economics and social science fields around the globe.

The associations that constitute IARSA are resolved to work together through international and reciprocal collaborations to address such issues as building capacity and interest in education research, advancing education research policies, administration and practices, and promoting the use and application of research around the world.

As a non-profit research organisation, IARSA encourages cooperation among scholars worldwide and supports the application of research findings in bettering individuals’ relationships.

The Association’s programmes and activities continue to be enhanced through its collaboration with both governmental and private organizations such as universities, Research Institutions, Industries, NGOs, CBOs and Government Departments and Agencies across the globe. IARSA leverages on human resources and other suitable facilities in these institutions through partnerships.

In a bid to champion and station herself in a position that is a true reflection of the Association’s name, IARSA is making efforts towards a presence that spans the whole countries of the world. The Association’s programmes and activities have recorded a measure of success towards achieving this goal.