Startup IARSA is IARSA’s entrepreneurship community.

Our aim is to support, serve and encourage members, researchers, teachers and partners in developing entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. The market and the jobs are changing and we need to develop entrepreneurial skills to succeed.

On this platform we have collected useful information for students, teachers, researchers and alumni interested in entrepreneurial matters. Here you find courses, happenings, ways to change and improve your teaching and tips for building your own company.

Our mission is to improve entrepreneurial education and to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in IARSA. We believe that the IARSA is an ideal start-up platform combining ambitious and smart people with research, mentors and companies in a multidisciplinary setting.

Startup IARSA is a aims to strengthen members skills regarding work and entrepreneurship. The project is founded on research activities and on tested methods, as well as on their constant development. As a result the gap between the working life and the studies becomes smaller and the bond between research and teaching strengthens.

Startup IARSA is an interdisciplinary community for IARSA related members, teachers and researchers interested in entrepreneurial activities and mindsets.

We help find those researchers that are interested in creating a business around their research and to help them in the process of creating a business model and setting up a company.

Anyone can become an entrepreneur and every IARSA member has a lot of knowledge and a great skill set. Maybe you have an idea that would change the world, maybe you just want to earn while becoming a member or maybe you are eager to learn more. No matter what Startup IARSA creates transformational action by combining intellectual know-how and real world problems in an entrepreneurial context.

Startup Mentoring

We provide mentoring for startups in different phases; the mentoring process is based on your startup’s needs. We help you to move forward and to find the right track.

These are factors you might need mentoring with:
• Creating a prototype
• Validating a prototype
• Finding a co-founder
• Funding
• Networking
• Launching
• Marketing
• Recruitment
• Pivoting