If improvement on education research is given a priority, education will be improved and make it available to everyone the problem of education research will be solved globally.

The Improvement of Standards in Education Research goal should make education available to everyone globally; establish objective metrics to assess educational researchers from many disciplines, embrace several competing theoretical frame works, evaluate student performance and teacher effectiveness, using standardized instructional materials and testing through capacity building, researchers’ professional training and by conducting collaborative research projects..

This project is to develop policy and practice to improve standards in education research; providing practical insights from research and teaching to ensure effectiveness and sustainability in education research community.

This research project will focus on improving understanding of:

  • Educational policy and practice
  • Education Research and innovation
  • Educational standards and accountability
  • Professional development for teachers and principals
  • Alignment of standards, curriculum and assessments
  • Teaching second-language learners
  • Measurement of achievement and self-concept,
  • Biological and psychological basis of language and cognition,
  • Public school finance,
  • Postsecondary and life-long learning outcomes.

Probable Date of Commencement: September 2020

Probable Date of Completion: April 2020