The Research Scholars Programme (RSP) is both a community of scholars and a network of support designed to help IARSA and non IARSA members interested in enhancing their academic credentials to develop research skills and to plan, implement, and write-up a research project. Our members comprise of students searching for a meaningful research experience as well as those who have already found a research project and are seeking a group with which they can share experiences, challenges, and engaging research topics.

The Research Scholars Programme aims to foster this skill of choosing actions for their all-things-considered effects, and give people space to exercise it. RSP also assist researchers in all areas of human endeavours in developing themselves as fulfilled faculty members engaged in important and exciting research and to increase the quality and breadth of education research.

This is a unique opportunity for people who intend to soon assume research and research-adjacent positions critical to addressing the world’s most pressing problems. We encourage participants to explore different research ideas they have, and practice making judgments about what to pursue and encourage exploration and the challenging of ideas.

We give scholars tools for thinking about the long-term impact of research and other activities. In most cases we foresee participants coming out of the programme with views on topics such as:

  • what the future might look like at timescales of tens, thousands, or millions of years;
  • what the largest determinants of different possible futures are;
  • which technologies are most likely to be transformative at a timescale of decades;
  • what the largest levers in the world are for affecting these.


  • Early exposure to various research careers, including pathways to prepare to enter these careers. Guest speakers will discuss opportunities and challenges, as well as educational and other requirements for various research careers.
  • International research mentors, who will be chosen from senior researchers, and will be assigned to each IARSA Research Scholar. Each scholar will also choose a local mentor, with our help if needed.
  • A hands-on learning approach. Advantage Scholars are encouraged to gain experience through observational hours, internships, and research opportunities obtained by members/students
  • Be part of a special community of scholars at IARSA and across the world. As an IARSA Scholar, you will be part of a highly-prestigious programme known for research excellence.
  • Pre-professional advising through in-depth guidance from a pre-research professions faculty advisor and Advantage career advisor including assistance in developing academic plans consistent with members/student goals.
  • Webinars and interactive sessions that will cover coursework in research design and statistics as well as faculty-facilitated and peer-mentored research-in-progress sessions. Peer-mentoring groups will be constituted based on commonality of research content and/or research methods.
  • Assistance with professional programme applications from the Career Advisor. Get advice and support with preparation of resumes, applications, admissions essays, and requests for scholarships, assistantships, and grants for graduate school.
  • Receive support services via research seminars, assessments and tutoring services
  • A strong, academically competitive liberal arts education. IARSA’s core curriculum offers the advantages of a broad-based education.
  • Attend local, regional, and international conferences to present research.

How does RSP help members/students?

  • Connects members/students with research mentors and fitting projects
  • Provides a network of support and guidance
  • Serves as a structured introduction to scientific research
  • Exposes members/students to diverse research interests
  • Equips members/students with skills and techniques to succeed in laboratory research
  • Provides resources for preparing for a career in scientific research
  • Supplies opportunities to explore different angles of scientific research with like-minded members/students
  • Gives a chance to communicate research findings

The Outcomes of the Research Scholars Programme

The programme strives to nurture members/students who shall be exemplary in the following aspects:

Members/students of Intellectual Strength who:

  • possess the disposition to think flexibly in dealing with the ambiguities of our world;
  • demonstrate the ability to question critically for effective problem solving;
  • communicate with clarity and precision in qualifying their viewpoints;
  • evaluate the productiveness of their own thinking and strategies.

Members/students of Resilience who:

  • possess the mental stamina to overcome challenges and adversities;
  • employ a range of alternative strategies for problem solving.

Members/Students of Service who:

  • devote their hearts, minds and talents in ways that enrich the lives of others;
  • show respect for all life and embrace diversity.

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