The International Association Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) – Researchers’ Worldwide Networks (IARSA-RWNs) is established to promote education research globally.

RWN builds the large-scale, high-speeded networks that are essential for sharing, accessing an​​​d processing the high data volumes generated by research an​​​​​​​d education communities and for testing innovative technologies and applications.​​​​

Researchers’ Worldwide Networks (RWNs) also provide collaboration services that facilitate international cooperation between researchers and scholars and bring people together for the human networking that drives innovation. ​​ RWN helps enthuse with others research scholars and academicians to conduct research, receive project funding, and initiate collaborative projects with colleagues in other institutions worldwide.

RWN members groups are senior academicians and scientists who have a long standing relationship with education research. Interested RWN members should have been involved in advanced research projects in universities/colleges, research institutions or associations.

Given the vital role IARSA-RWNs, members would be listed on the IARSA website with their photographs and biographies. Their activities will also be featured in the IARSA-RWNs newsletters and reports.

Eligibility to be an IARSA-RWN

RWN members MUST be individual members of IARSA or members, staff or students of our research partners worldwide. Prospective members of IARSA are eligible to be RWN members. Scholars, educators and academicians in the universities and colleges including the private and public sectors interested in education research are encouraged to become IARSA individual members, whether or not it is a requirement of eligibility.

Benefits of be an IARSA-RWN

  • Gain knowledge and connection with the key actors in education research field
  • Gain knowledge of current gaps and opportunities
  • Evidence of personal initiative and creativity in thinking through pathways and solutions
  • Abreast with latest information on research and education development worldwide.
  • Great networking opportunities with other likeminded scholars, educators and academicians worldwide.
  • Opportunity to identifying scientific solutions to global challenges
  • Opportunity to share ideas, see what’s new in their field and discuss important

Assumes international responsibility by championing sustainable development and social equality on an international level.