International Association of Research Scholars and Administrators (IARSA) provide more than 10 research grants each year. The basic criteria to be eligible for IARSA research grant are to be the IARSA member. There are two types of grant: Direct Financial Grant & Indirect Financial Grant.

Direct Financial Grant generally is sanctioned to a group of cross-cultural research team. The interested researchers or academicians can form the team and send a research proposal to the Director General at Unsolicited applications are not evaluated. The ASSOCIATION calls for the research proposals in the mid of August each year. Then the interested team should apply with proper documents. The application procedures are published in the IARSA’s website.

Indirect Financial Grant generally is sanctioned to a local/national group of researchers. The interested researchers/contributors can form a research team and can apply to the director general at or when the research proposals are invited by the ASSOCIATION. The proposals are invited at the end of the year. Unsolicited applications are not evaluated.

IARSA encourages faculty, independent researchers and PhD students to conduct high quality, policy-relevant research issues. To do so, it provides seed and start-up funding for new projects, helps identify other funding sources for that research, helps scholars connect with local officials and leaders who can help scholars with their projects, and works with scholars to disseminate their findings to practitioners in timely and accessible ways.

The final findings of the research projects are published in IARSA’s journals.