Research, Development and Innovation at IARSA encompasses a set of strategic, proactive, catalytic, and capacity-building activities designed to facilitate individual faculty members, teams of researchers, and central research administrations in attracting extramural research funding, creating relationships, and developing and implementing strategies that increase institutional competitiveness.

IARSA Research Development professionals initiate and nurture critical partnerships and alliances throughout the associational research enterprise and between institutions—and with their external stakeholders. With the goal of enabling competitive individual and team research and facilitating research excellence, IARSA Research Development professionals build and implement strategic services and collaborative resources that span across disciplinary and administrative barriers within their organizations and beyond.

Research Development includes a broad spectrum of activities that vary by institution, including: funding opportunity identification and targeted dissemination; grant/contract proposal development; research team building; interaction with funding agencies and institutional research administration and leadership; interaction with institutional federal relations; and outreach activities and training.

By staying in tune with the needs of our society and the business world, both in the present and the future, IARSA’s applied research finds practical solutions to the challenges our country and our world is facing.

IARSA provides an innovative environment with a focus on research-based innovation in the business and public sectors, and with a strong interaction between teaching and research. The need for continuous and deep collaboration between education and research is needed, e.g. to prepare student members for a knowledge-based, rapidly changing working life, where student members also need to have the capability and knowledge to create their own workplaces.

The International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) offers research and development services for society’s benefit. IARSA promote life-long learning and supporting corporate, public organizational and regional renewal as well as increasing their competitiveness in the association’s focus areas.

IARSA organizes research, education and development services with external funding together with different cooperation partners. We conduct applying research considering the client’s needs for knowledge. The realization of the commissioned research is defined individually for each project and the reporting is done in the manner that the client wishes.

The emphasis of the research operations lies on national and international evaluation, follow-up and development projects. Central fields of research are management, energy, rural areas, regional development and evaluation research. Additionally, IARSA conducts market research and other investigations.

In general, a development perspective is connected to all research. Based on that it is possible to connect development and training that will be implemented to the research project. We stress the simultaneous development of individuals and organisations, the merging of organisation development measures and training as well as the application of knowledge in practice. We offer the possibility of open interaction and developing oneself in a group with the same spirit. Our programmes also enhance networking.