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When IARSA – International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators established Research College of Fellows (RCOFs) in 2016, the idea was to pay tribute to those individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of education research. As a result, each year the College of Fellows adds to its roster some of the brightest and best practitioners and researchers in academia. 

RCOFs serve as mentors, provide outreach services in teaching literacy and serve as leaders in supporting programmes important to IARSA as well as contribute to the management of activities within the ICOFs itself.

The RCOFs is a special status for Research Members of IARSA. It recognises excellence, identifies prominent role models, promotes advances in education research practice and draws leaders to the forefront of education research worldwide. RCOFs admit those Members who exhibit the highest professional attainment and exhibit a wide breadth of experience. Such professional attainment and experience must be significant within IARSA context.

The issues that RCOFs engage – whether ideas or realities – are found in a variety of disciplines of human endeavour; conversation and discernment in relation to various disciplines (such as politics, government, law, economics, business, the sciences, bio-medical research, technology, media, and the arts) is therefore vital. RCOFs serve as a resource to the Association by gathering to consider the questions, problems, and opportunities of our day in light of both their own learning and experience.

RCOFs offer analyses of contemporary issues, present colloquia to supplement the Association’s mission, illumine issues where more probing philosophical consideration is necessary, model collaboration of lay experts in the vision of the Association and offer guidance to interested members. RCOFs thus help the Association to consider temporal matters that have philosophical relevance from the perspective that their own competence and experience affords. They can thereby enhance education research that IARSA provides through its programmes by offering for reflection the particular practical considerations without which prudence in engaging contemporary culture would be impossible. In their discussions and presentations, the RCOFs are enriched by their conversation together, even as they contribute to the mission of the Association.

This small group of supporters and stakeholders are advocates for the Association on a regional, national and international level and provides an informal forum in support of the Association’s advancement.

Although RCOFs has no executive powers, it serves as a vehicle to enable the Association to draw on a range of expertise from opinion formers who can shape and influence IARSA’s reputation, as well as supporting its development across a range of stakeholder groups.

Whilst there have been many changes since its foundation, IARSA’s vision remains faithful to that of its forbearers – to provide life-changing opportunities for all those who can demonstrate commitment and determination to success, irrespective of their circumstances.

The RCOFs recognise IARSA members who have made outstanding contributions to the field of education research over a minimum of 10 years. Contributions may have been technical, scientific, and/or managerial in one or more fields of research, commercial development, education, and/or leadership within the areas of interest to IARSA. Research Fellowship is the most prestigious level of membership in IARSA.

The primary mission of the RCOFs is to seek out and recommend individuals who meet the criteria and have earned the distinction of being honored as a Research Fellow member of IARSA.

Qualifications ICOFs

  1. Have a Doctorate or PhD
  2. Have a great appreciation for the contributions of education research and the importance of engaging in the Great Conversation.
  3. Be willing to volunteer time in your local and international community to teach, reading and to share your appreciation for education research.

The Primary Mission of the ICOFS includes:

  • Promotes International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) in all of its activities – its individual, corporate and institutional members, its distinctive research and its commitment to social and economic impact and sustainability.
  • Advocates the Association’s world-leading research in all key areas of human endeavour, sustainability and ageing, and engage potential stakeholders in new research opportunities, collaborations, funding and support.
  • Cultivates relationships which engage organisations and business leaders with the Association’s expertise in green technologies.
  • Seeks new opportunities for ventures in teaching, research and service provision.
  • Identifies and harnesses inward investment opportunities which drive IARSA’s development strategies.
  • Supports IARSA’s vision of continuous advancement by providing members with a world-class education research experience through securing alliances with individuals and organisations who will share and invest in these aspirations.
  • Engages with the Association’s International Framework to strengthen IARSA’s global outreach to potential members, partners and collaborators.

To become a member of College of Fellows, a member must be nominated by another member in good standing adhering to the nomination criteria and have earned the distinction of being a member of College of Fellows.