The IARSA – International Association Research Scholars & Administrators’ Research Ambassadors (IARSA-RAs) has established a worldwide network of IARSA Ambassadors to promote and represent the Association.

IARSA-RAs are senior academicians and scientists who have a long standing relationship with education, research and administration. Prospective IARSA-RAs should have been involved in advanced research projects in universities/colleges, research institutions or associations and must be interested in promoting research across the globe.. IARSA-RAs help enthuse and inform others about the rich and varied opportunities to conduct research, receive project funding, and initiate collaborative projects with colleagues in other institutions worldwide.

IARSA-RAs explore opportunities to expand IARSA footprint in their countries or regions through publicity, events, and other strategies that will build the association’s membership and reputation. This can include working with universities, colleges, existing local and regional research bodies and think tanks, and NGOs involved education and research.

IARSA-RAs are chosen for their creativity, initiative and independence as well as their connections with academic communities. IARSA-RAs submit a bi-annual report to the Governing Council and maintain regular communication with the IARSA Secretariat.

Given the vital role that IARSA-RAs play, they are listed on the IARSA website with their photographs and biographies. Their activities are also featured in the IARSA newsletters and their reports are shared with members of the Association worldwide.

What at IARSA-RAs do

The main responsibility of IARSA-RA is to promote research opportunities across the globe in his/her professional community, university or organization, and discipline.

This can take the form of:

  • Contacting departmental chairs and senior administration officers to share information about study and research opportunities in his or her country, including IARSA grants and other organizations’ funding programmes
  • Arranging an informational meeting on campus each academic year for students in their department and/or prospective applicants to IARSA programmes
  • Providing advice and support to students and researchers interested in pursuing academic activities in his or her country or region in his/her field from any university or institution in other part of the world– and potentially doing the same for his or her country or region.