Research Management and Administration (RMA) is a short survey course designed to help individuals build a foundational body of knowledge within research management and administration. The Research Management and Administration explores the broad scope of the multi-faceted profession of research administration.

The comprehensive curriculum provides an overview and introduction to the broad field of research administration. Elements of the curriculum include Lifecycle of a sponsored project, an introduction to the offices involved in sponsored projects, high-level review of policies governing sponsored projects in general as relate to such diverse areas as research law, research ethics, fiscal management, regulatory compliance, sponsored programme administration, and pre- and post-award management.


Goal of the Introduction to Research Administration is to enhance faculty and staff success in obtaining external funding for research, training, and service activities and to assist in the management of awards 


  • To summarize current issues within research administration
  • To define some common research administration vocabulary
  • To describe the role of a research administrator
  • To familiarize attendees with the offices responsible for support and oversight of sponsored projects


  • Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
  • Introduction to the Research Funding Environment,
  • Research Ethics, Integrity and Governance
  • Developing Funding Proposals
  • Research Project Management
  • Financial Management in Research Administration
  • Contracts and Reporting
  • Managing Diversity in Contemporary Organizations
  • Strategic Planning and Management


  • Ideal for someone new to the profession of research administration or as a refresher for someone who has limited experience
  • The first session is aimed research personnel who are new in a role involving research management and administration.
  • The other sessions are on more focused topics and may be of interest to both new research officers and more experienced staff looking to expand or refresh their knowledge.