The International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) provides researchers and research students with unique experiences and opportunities.

The broad-ranging research at IARSA is innovative, characterised by multidisciplinary cooperation, closely linked to education and stands in close contact with society.

Research at IARSA always brings results. We can transform some research results into innovations in the form of physical objects, components, methods, or concepts that can be released onto commercial markets.

IARSA’s researchers create and develop innovations in collaboration with other universities/colleges, research institutes and associations, companies and organisations. The Association’s research services, lawyer and innovation specialist can provide assistance with matters relating to contracts, licenses, patents and other rights issues.

We conduct significant number of research projects each year mainly addressed to global contemporary issues. The research projects are conducted at national and international level. The local (national) research project is carried out at national level. The research problem is designed to address a specific issue of a country. The international research project is mainly carried out by cross-cultural research team. IARSA research teams are generally composed of faculty members and independent researchers from various countries of the world.

We also accept proposals and orders for research studies, products and information packages. Whilst there is no need to rediscover the wheel, we can find more and better ways to keep the wheel rolling!

IARSA has established itself as an exciting and progressive research intensive organisation with a focus that prioritises the complex issues facing the world. We have developed cross-disciplinary research teams, as well as partnerships and collaborative relationships with external universities, research institutes and association to build world-class research capability.

Our goal is to maintain and develop our high-impact research profile in diversified areas of study.

IARSA provides a strategic framework for research engagement bringing specialised knowledge to our work. Our research and capacity building activities engage with countries and communities of the world to ensure a global perspective

IARSA has a proud team of international members majority of whom are faculty members, independent researchers, PhD scholars, and professionals.

The Association publishes the research papers through IARSA International Education and Research Journal (IIERJ). This journal is led by the world’s reputed professors. The quick and double blind review process, rich editorial board, zero tolerance for plagiarism and high respect for publication ethics, a strong commitment for scheduled publication are the key features of IARSA’s journals.

The IARSA emphasizes on the global contemporary issues at the time of selecting the research projects. Although the major portion of the research fund come from donation, IARSA seeks to generate the revenue from various sources such as membership fee, research paper publication fee, and research grant from International NGO.

The Association works with policymakers, scholars, and public interest groups around the world to design, execute, and disseminate research that illuminates economics and social policy issues affecting the communities of the world.