Awarded to Retired Researchers to continue to be active in research related activities of IARSA

Individual researchers may apply and acquire IARSA’ memberships in any one of the following grades:

The designation of Researcher Emeritus of the International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) marks the past accomplishments of retired researchers and to express IARSA appreciation for the willingness of those persons to continue to be active in research-related activities at IARSA.

The IARSA Board of Management confers the designation of Researcher Emeritus on the recommendation of the President, and supported by the 1st Vice President and the Executive Director of the Association.


• The researcher’s record as an internationally recognized scientist, scholar, and innovator as well as a contributor to international research base and to the local and national science and technology communities; and

• The researcher’s record since retirement as a scientist and contributor to international, regional and national science and technology communities or, if the researcher has recently retired, evidence of a commitment to remain active, for instance through participation in international, regional or national scientific organizations or involvement in research projects in areas related to IARSA’s programmes. Official recognition of this honorary status will take place at IARSA Board of Management meeting.

• This honorary status is accorded for life and Researchers Emeriti have the privilege of identifying themselves by the title.

• They may also be accorded some office space and support at a level and for duration to be determined by the President. This will be linked to a formal term research appointment similar to that of a visiting scientist.

Access to peer-reviewed funding will be accorded at the same level offered to current IARSA researchers, subject to the rules of the relevant funding body.

• Researchers Emeriti will be allowed access to the same association’s resources (i.e. library access) as IARSA researchers
• The initial term research appointment that is tied to resources will be for a three-year term and may be renewed at the discretion of the IARSA President. These resources may include office space, and computer and phone access.

• The interpretation of this policy is the responsibility of the Executive Director.
The administration of this policy is the responsibility of the Executive Director.