About PDP

ASSOCIATION – for Everybody!

Besides the research and education, an important mission of the Association is to share new information and know-how, which is rises from the research. This is done with various services and cooperation projects.

We provide our interest groups different – both tailored and ready-maid – training and research services and cooperation and development projects. We organise events and occasions and inform actively about the new achievements of the science.

Regarding services and other operations, we want genuine interaction and feedback from our interest groups.

We aim to collaborate closely with members, companies and organisations especially with developing education to match the work life and commercializing innovations.

Our mutual goal is to develop the whole society.

Centre for Professional Development (PDP) is a reliable partner of individual experts and organizations alike. With the help of IARSA PDP, you personally and your organization can obtain a professional head start and competitive edge. We will help you to update your knowledge and competencies, enhance your career development, and ensure that your expertise remains competitive in the future.

IARSA PDP is known as an innovative actor; based on IARSA PDP’s programmes, companies can directly apply the latest research findings from IARSA and other institutions. You can put the lessons from the programme directly into practice. The programme’s projects and assignments will be closely related to your own work.

We will be at your service at every step of your career.

IARSA Centre for Professional Development is a learning centre designing, custom-making and arranging courses and training for:

  • Separate individuals
  • Teams and other groups of employees
  • Organizations, the public sector and private companies


Our strong areas of expertise are:

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  • Management and Organization Development
  • Social Services and Health Care
  • Pedagogy and Continuing education for teachers at all levels
  • Intercultural Communication and Global Understanding
  • Sustainable Development
  • Nature and the Environment
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Production of Culture and Cultural Competence
  • Flexible Learning

Since our activity is based on the professional development programmes and research we have experience in arranging training in a vast number of other areas as well. Our own methods of working have provided us with skills in project- and teamwork, and through our international projects. We have gained access to extensive networks and a practical knowledge that we are more than happy to share.

We produce:

  • Continuing education for different occupational groups
  • Training projects
  • Staff training

We aim at a high level of service and learning efficiency in the learning environments that we create. The quality of our training services is guaranteed by diversified co-operation with:

  • University departments and experts
  • Private and public institutions
  • National and international research associations and members.

You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in personal, institutional or corporate competence development or if you need a reliable partner for internal training in your organization.

We have a broad experience of international cooperation and experience of interaction with the surrounding society and of development projects.

Among the themes that we recently have been working with are innovations and creativity, entrepreneurship, future working culture and sustainable development.

We offer a professional head start



  1. Scholarship Programmes

The International Association of Research Scholars and Administration (IARSA) manage undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level scholarships at accredited academic institutions throughout the world. IARSA implements many of the world’s most prestigious scholarship programmes and manages global scholarships through our network of domestic and international offices.

  • Educating Global Citizens

IARSA is at the forefront of increasing the number and diversity of international studies, encouraging study in places of growing strategic importance to all continents and helping international students gain skills to succeed in a global economy and interconnected world.

  • Science and Technology Programmes

IARSA works to develop the next generation of global leaders in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics field.

  • Extensive College and University Networks

IARSA works with hundreds of international educational institutions to design and administer academic and training programmes on behalf of government and private sponsors. In addition, IARSA manages the IARSA Network, an association of universities, two and four-year colleges, national and international exchange agencies and educational not-for-profit organizations around the world.


  1. Forming Global Linkages

IARSA serves as a key consultant to university leaders to help identify and develop partnerships with international universities. 

We can:

  1. Bring a delegation of IARSA experts to the university to meet with key stakeholders to identify goals and potential international partners;
  2. Conduct a needs analysis and develop recommendations on the University’s partnership strategy goals;
  3. Develop and organize a one to two-week Partnership Development Study International Tour for university officials to visit key institutions, explore best practices in building international linkages, and meet with potential partners;
  4. Provide ongoing strategic advice and recommendations on critical partnership strategies and programmes.
  • International Development

IARSA partners with governments, international development agencies, foundations, universities and corporations, leveraging its international networks to collaborate on sustainable solutions for long-term development.

  • Participant Training

IARSA is committed to enhancing knowledge, promoting a skilled workforce and opening minds to the world through undergraduate and graduate degree programmes, skills and workforce training, study tours and programmes.

IARSA Has Expertise to Manage Participant Training Programmes in the Following Key Areas:

  1. Outreach and Recruitment.  Our robust networks advertise and promote participant training and scholarship opportunities through universities, ministries of education, embassies and NGOs. 
  1. Participant Selection.  Fair and open selection procedures occur in multi-stage processes involving expert panels. 
  1. Placement Services.  Unparalleled expertise placing participants in educational institutions and workforce development and international training programmes to ensure fast track and tailored-timing placements in degree and non-degree programmes.
  1. Pre-Departure Preparation.  Experience in providing all pre-departure requirements to prepare participants for their programmes:  Security Risk and Fraud Inquiry, immigration documentation, visa issuance, medical clearance and insurance enrollment.
  • Pre-Academic and Orientation Programmes.  Expertise designing programmes to prepare participants for academic or technical training and to facilitate their cultural and practical adjustments.
  • Participant Monitoring and Support.  A robust and personalized support and monitoring programme for training participants.  IARSA assigns each participant an adviser who serves as the participant’s mentor throughout the training programme and is responsible for monitoring academic and personal progress. 
  • Experts and Trainers.  Access to local, experienced trainers and experts in fields such as leadership development, strategic planning, business and entrepreneurship, economics and educational administration, among others.  
  • Logistical Coordination and Support.  On the ground logistical support and coordination in all world regions facilitates smooth programme implementation.
  1. Financial Management.  The systems and experience to manage all financial payments and monitoring of participant tuition and fees, living stipends and other costs related to training activities.
  • Re-Entry and Alumni Activities.  Expertise managing effective re-entry activities that support long-term sustainability and builds on the participants’ training experiences.


IARSA strengthens and links institutions of higher education, conducts research on student mobility to inform higher educational policy and provides opportunities for joint learning and exchange of ideas, leveraging its worldwide network of experts and leaders in higher education.

IARSA Has Expertise in the Following Key Areas to Build Capacity at Institutions of Higher Education around the World

  1. Strategic Planning and Institutional Capacity Building. Robust networks including access to leading experts to assess needs, provide technical assistance and share best practices from higher education systems around the world.
  1. Forming Global Higher Education Linkages.  Proven processes for identifying goals and potential international partners, making recommendations on a university’s partnership strategy goals and arranging for university officials to visit key institutions and potential partners.
  1. Participant Training.  Unparalleled expertise managing training programmes to place and monitor students, faculty and professionals in long and short-term degree or certificate programmes, drawing on our extensive relationships with academic institutions throughout the world.
  1. Programme Evaluation. Extensive experience in carrying out all stages of short- and long-term program evaluations, from assessing programme process and implementation to examining outcomes and impact. 
  • Policy Research. Expertly crafted projects and custom reports which help measure and document trends in international higher education development and academic mobility.


IARSA has unparalleled experience in building the capacity of educators from around the globe based on administering some of the world’s largest and most prestigious training programs.

IARSA Has Expertise to Manage Educator Training and Exchange Programmes

  1. Broad networks allow for extensive international outreach and recruitment of trainers who are effective in developing local capacity.  IARSA’s long history of partnerships and experience with governments, local NGOs, worldwide academic institutions as well as partnerships with the corporate sector enable us to place participants in professional training and development activities globally.
  1. Digital media capacity and online learning engage participants, build capability, cultivate alumni and create a multiplier effect by enhancing impact and sustainability.
  1. Experience incorporating enrichment activities into project design, ultimately enhancing capacity development goals and other sponsor objectives.
  1. Expertise designing tools to measure project progress, outcomes and impacts.
  • The creation of linkages with participant alumni as well as training networks results in sustainable collaborations.

Extensive experience managing a wide array of participant services includes on-site logistics, pre-departure orientation programmes, training media and materials, individual advising, immigration and visa documentation and visa issuance, and robust and personalized on-programme support services and monitoring.



The Association has exceptional experience assisting NGOs around the world in building their local capacity and expanding their reach, ultimately improving their ability to aid underserved populations across the globe.

IARSA Has Expertise to Help Build NGO Capacity

  • Unparalleled experience in identifying, matching and supporting expert advisers to work with NGOs throughout the developing world.  IARSA has long emphasized expanding and strengthening the skills of local experts and trainers to reduce dependency on external experts and further contribute to sustainability.
  • Broad networks that allow for access to professionals, who can advise on policy issues, assist and coach in program development, fundraising, communications and evaluation and strengthen the networks of partnering NGOs in fields such as education, energy, youth and development, workforce development, humanitarian assistance, health and environmental sustainability, among others. 
  • A proven history of providing training, coaching, and ongoing support for business planning for sustainability for our NGO partners.
  • Robust and personalized NGO support services, including private sector outreach and resource and skill development workshops.
  • Expertise training NGOs to design and implement, sustainable business plans on a cost recovery model.


The Professional Development and Training at IARSA builds research capacity among scholars and researchers and engages in activities that promote knowledge and enhance research skills. The programme is designed to introduce undergraduate students to the education research field, provide postdoctoral fellowships that support research experiences in academic and non-academic careers, and help graduate students and early career scholars develop a research agenda and begin their careers. Key components of the programme include:

  1. The Virtual Research Learning Centre IARSA-VRLC (Virtual Research Learning Centre – VRLC), which provides an online space for students, early career and advanced scholars, practitioners, and others in the education research community to enhance, expand, or refresh their research skills through professional development and research capacity–building trainings;
  • Mentoring and capacity building activities for students and early career scholars, through institutes on specific research topics and educational issues;
  • Fellowships and grants that provide dissertation funding and training to graduate students and research support to early career scholars and researchers.
  • Advances in research methods, statistical techniques, technology, and general modes and methods of research make professional development and training within IARSA a significant activity and ongoing process.


Education Research and Research Policy at IARSA pursues projects, initiatives and activities to advance the field of education research and research policy; promote cutting-edge lines of study, and deepen our knowledge about education research and research policy as a discipline, profession and field. Key activities of the division include:

  1. Assessment of Education Research Doctorate Programmes. The assessment will yield critical data and findings that can be used to establish benchmarks and quality criteria to advance and improve education research doctorate programmes internationally. 
  • Research Conferences Programme which awards grants for conferences intended to break new ground in substantive areas of inquiry, stimulate new lines of study on issues that have been largely unexplored, or develop innovative research methods or techniques that can contribute to education research. 
  • Education Research Service Projects (ERSP) programme, which is designed to encourage education researchers to offer their pro bono expertise to educational organisations, institutions, or other community groups that have identified and expressed a need for such assistance.


In light of the dramatic changes in what faculty do and how colleges and universities are transforming in the 21st century, the IARSA report, Rethinking Faculty Evaluation, offers research-based guidelines for rethinking how institutions of higher education evaluate research, scholarship, and teaching for tenure-line faculty.


Startup IARSA is IARSA’s entrepreneurship community.

Our aim is to support, serve and encourage members, researchers, teachers and partners in developing entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. The market and the jobs are changing and we need to develop entrepreneurial skills to succeed. 

On this platform we have collected useful information for students, teachers, researchers and alumni interested in entrepreneurial matters. Here you find courses, happenings, ways to change and improve your teaching and tips for building your own company.

Our mission is to improve entrepreneurial education and to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in IARSA.  We believe that the IARSA is an ideal start-up platform combining ambitious and smart people with research, mentors and companies in a multidisciplinary setting. 

Startup IARSA is a aims to strengthen members skills regarding work and entrepreneurship. The project is founded on research activities and on tested methods, as well as on their constant development. As a result the gap between the working life and the studies becomes smaller and the bond between research and teaching strengthens. 

Startup IARSA is an interdisciplinary community for IARSA related members, teachers and researchers interested in entrepreneurial activities and mindsets. 

We help find those researchers that are interested in creating a business around their research and to help them in the process of creating a business model and setting up a company. 

Anyone can become an entrepreneur and every IARSA member has a lot of knowledge and a great skill set. Maybe you have an idea that would change the world, maybe you just want to earn while becoming a member or maybe you are eager to learn more. No matter what Startup IARSA creates transformational action by combining intellectual know-how and real world problems in an entrepreneurial context. 

Startup Mentoring

We provide mentoring for startups in different phases; the mentoring process is based on your startup’s needs. We help you to move forward and to find the right track. 

These are factors you might need mentoring with: 

  • Creating a prototype
  • Validating a prototype 
  • Finding a co-founder
  • Funding
  • Networking 
  • Launching
  • Marketing 
  • Recruitment 
  • Pivoting 


Innovation Management

To succeed and perform well, businesses must be able to produce new, innovative products and services. New product development methods often lie at the heart of the development of innovation expertise. Expertise is also need in managing the intellectual property rights, commercialization, innovation projects and project portfolios.

IARSA CPDP provides the latest knowledge on the commercialization, marketing and sales of innovations, as well as managing successful innovation projects. We help product and service developers to develop and maintain know-how that ensures the success of innovation management at enterprise level and in individual products and services.

Business Digitalization

Digitalization is a megatrend that is changing the earnings logic and value creation of enterprises. All servitization is a consequence, not a cause, of digitalization. The challenge lies in applying existing technology to business activities across traditional industry and organizational boundaries.

At IARSA CPDP, you will update your knowledge of the latest digitalization tools and principles of development, learn to utilize and create simple pilots, network with various actors, prepare to become a leading company in your business ecosystem, upgrade your competitive strategy from the digitalization perspective, develop your own digiskills and gain comprehensive knowledge of various methods of promoting digitalization in your organization.

Project Management

Organizations’ business activities are increasingly based on project-type ventures. The skills involved in leading and running projects are becoming more central to working life. A clear understanding of project management dynamics and a good overview of tools and methods enable selection of the tools best suited to an organization’s own project management.

IARSA CPDP’s programmes will provide you with the latest project competencies, update your knowledge and skills, and enable you to raise the maturity of your organization’s project management. You will also succeed better in your projects and build a brand for your business or organization as a credible and desired project partner in your sector. Effective project management improves the productivity of project work and thereby the profitability of projects and business, while improving the use of resources.

Quality, Lean and Lean Six Sigma

Quality management involves the systematic strategic development and continuous improvement of operations, products, services and processes. A well-led organization is constantly evolving: customer value is created, processes do not become outworn and staffs retain strong expertise and problem-solving skills.

IARSA CPDP’s programmes will strengthen your organization’s strategic quality management, development methods, and problem-solving techniques. Our traditional quality management program offers a wide-ranging and in-depth overview of contemporary quality management and operational development, as part of strategic and operational management. Problem-solving skills are developed in Lean programs of varying scope: participants learn to identify key problems and to successfully apply the most effective problem-solving methods in each situation.


Customers, who require wider and more user-friendly service solutions, are demanding change. Servitization is transforming sectoral structures, and production and operational models. At company or organizational level, the challenges of servitization lie in businesses, product and customer process development.

Key aspects of servitization include technological opportunities, business models, change management and customer-centric development. These are also the foundations of the training provided by IARSA CPDP and International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA). As one of the pioneers in the industry, we have been providing programmes in service design for ten years. Our members obtain a comprehensive overview of the subject, are given a framework and concepts, and have the chance to try out the methods best suited to various phases. The programme also imparts a large amount of tacit knowledge and confidence in your own approach.

Built Environment

A megatrend involves a transition that is changing the way we live and work. Energy efficiency urbanization and digitalization are transforming transport, housing and construction.. Construction, urban planning and transportation planning are the key to creating an energy-efficient but high-quality residential and business environment.

Such a transition is an opportunity for those with the skills to take advantage of it. IARSA PDP has been helping built environment experts and organizations to find new directions for half a century. In our programmes, new information is jointly discovered as well as imparted: research findings are combined with the views of leading experts from various fields and the participants’ own practical experiences. Interactive methods ensure that the training is geared to current development needs and helps the student to develop a focus on the built environment of the future.


Let our expert help your organisation

IARSA Faculty Mobility is a mobility programme between IARSA and the business sector and society.

The staff mobility programme will:

  • Enhance and reinforce mutual knowledge exchange and technology transfer
  • Bring new ideas to research and new ways of working
  • Create and strengthen long-term collaboration
  • Enhance the relevance of university education and research
  • Facilitate collective impact

We offer your organisation

  • A wide range of expertise and access to the most recent knowledge in your field. Our experts represent several different fields such as natural sciences, engineering, humanities, education, social sciences and business.
  • A flexible and convenient way of sharing knowledge and supporting the development resources of your business. Our expert works for your organisation for 6 months, 1 day/week (or equivalent). We cover the salary costs.
  • Pathways for mutual knowledge exchange and long-term collaboration that will help both organisations prosper.

Requirements for the hosting organisation

  • The hosting organisation appoints a mentor.
  • The hosting organisation arranges a physical working place for the IARSA staff member.
  • The hosting organisation will take part in reflective feedback surveys and interviews about lessons learned in the mobility programme.