The Professional Development and Training at IARSA builds research capacity among scholars and researchers and engages in activities that promote knowledge and enhance research skills. The programme is designed to introduce undergraduate students to the education research field, provide postdoctoral fellowships that support research experiences in academic and non-academic careers, and help graduate students and early career scholars develop a research agenda and begin their careers. Key components of the programme include:

a) The Virtual Research Learning Centre IARSA-VRLC (Virtual Research Learning Centre – VRLC), which provides an online space for students, early career and advanced scholars, practitioners, and others in the education research community to enhance, expand, or refresh their research skills through professional development and research capacity–building trainings;

b) Mentoring and capacity building activities for students and early career scholars, through institutes on specific research topics and educational issues;

c) Fellowships and grants that provide dissertation funding and training to graduate students and research support to early career scholars and researchers.

d) Advances in research methods, statistical techniques, technology, and general modes and methods of research make professional development and training within IARSA a significant activity and ongoing process.