The International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) conducts relevant and useful research and evaluation activities to facilitate the accumulation of knowledge about education policy and practice. Towards this end, we aim to cultivate and sustain research-to-practice partnerships—long-term, mutually beneficial collaborations between researchers and practitioners—with policymakers and educators across the globe. Our strategy is to conduct rigorous and relevant research, improve the use of research evidence in decision making, and engage researchers and practitioners in addressing problems of practice.

IARSA takes position on question of educational policy from an expert standpoint. The Association is conducting research on the following topics:

1. Academic Freedom
2. Academic and Professional Principles (Code of Ethics)
3. Improvement of Curricular Standards for Educational Research in the 21st Century
4. Problems with and Consequences of Unemployment among Educators
5. The Situation Regarding Emerging Researchers
6. Standards in Education Research
7. The Continuing Development of Educational Research Degree Courses and Study Programmes
8. Structural Issues in the Development of the Education System
9. Development of Education Research in the Federal and States