The core activities of IARSA include but not limited to the following:

  • Carrying out the research programmes with its own fund as well as donation from institutions, governments and individuals. The research programmes basically focus on contemporary issues around the world.
  • Supporting the academic research of institutes and universities, mainly performed by faculty members and independent researchers, through IARSA’s own budgets as well as from donations.
  • Supporting the research projects as well as independent researchers by providing the global data and expertise. Sometimes the researchers or academicians are introduced with international experts of respective field.
  • Conducting comprehensive cross-cultural research around the world for the institutes, societies and even for governments.
  • Publishing the latest research findings (both IARSA’s own research and individuals’ research of more than 25 countries) through more than 50 international journals. The journals are headed by the reputed experts in each respective filed. The journals are published under the umbrellas of IARSA itself.
  • Facilitating the academic as well as institutional research through its international research grants.
  • Encouraging the researchers throughout the world by providing the awards to the researchers. Each award comprises of USD 1000 and a certificate of excellence.
  • Arranging national and international seminars and conferences. IARSA also supports the seminars of different research associations, institutes and universities with its own expertise and resources.
  • Dissemination of information via newsletters and other publications about the latest developments in educational research; and
  • Inviting distinguished local and international researchers to share research findings and experiences.