Individual Communication

Regular updates and alerts of IARSA prospects (including IARSA International Research Groups for Scholars (IRGS), IARSA Early-Career Researchers Networks (ECR-Net), IARSA Workshop activities); Receive advocacy alerts and share your IARSA stories to ensure that our community’s voice is heard; play important roles in influencing debates and serving as key contacts.


  • IARSA or its partners meetings, conferences and webinars
  • On IARSA professional development programmes and courses.
  • 20%+ discounts with publishers – accessible from the discounts tab on your member dashboard.
  • Discounted conference fees for specific membership categories – in particular postgraduates, associate and early career members

Research with an international standpoint

  • Enables interaction between faculty, scholars and industry to enhance research opportunities, academic excellence, real-world problem solving, and knowledge creation and dissemination.
  • Facilitates the development of new research initiatives that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries.
  • Contributes to the use and application of education research around the world.
  • Accesses networks that advance education research world-wide on specific scholarly topics through IARSA International Research Groups for Scholars (IRGS), IARSA Early-Career Researchers Networks (ECR-Net).
  • Accesses networks that advance education research policies and practices worldwide.

Worldwide recognition

  • Recognition by IARSA international partners as an individual member in the form of an IARSA membership certificate.
  • Opportunity for your exceptional achievements of worldwide relevance to be considered for inclusion in the IARSA newsletter.

Network on an international basis

  • Access to occasional workshops on significant issues that impact on our field such as the Research Excellence Framework, Impact, Learning & Teaching etc.
  • Eligibility to present your research at the IARSA annual conference.
  • Eligibility for consideration by working groups to participate in panels for IARSA’s guaranteed slots at the Association conferences
  • Professional development and worldwide scholarly networking.
  • Receive details (e.g. dates, call for papers, registration information, programme etc.) of annual IARSA conferences via IARSA communication channels and social media platforms.
  • Receive details of IARSA member association educational research events, capacity development (workshops), research opportunities, calls for papers, publications, via IARSA communication channels and social media platforms.
  • Opportunity to propose and lead an IARSA International Research Groups for Scholars (IRGS), IARSA Early-Career Researchers Networks (ECR-Net) or join an existing IRGS and ECR-Net. This affords you increased potential to network with colleagues with similar research interests and collaborative opportunities for mutual projects.


  • Become a reviewer of the IARSA International Education and Research Journal (IIERJ) Annual Volume.
  • Receive free copies of the electronic quarterly IARSA newsletter.
  • Regular e-bulletin “IARSA News”. Keeping you up-to-date with International Studies activities and events.

Distinguished Faculty Opportunity

Opportunity to become Distinguished Faculty

This is meant to serve the following purposes:

  • Be called on as expert “faculty” to instruct for-credit educational courses or programmes (e.g., MPA, MBA, Ph.D, etc.) with our national and international partners
  • Be called on as expert researchers to conduct external, periodic and professional reviews of research administration capacity and processes within organizations, at the request of the organization.

Gain Professional Recognition

IARSA membership demonstrates that you work to the highest professional standards. You prove your standing with designation letters demonstrating that you abide by the IARSA Code of Conduct. Plus you can keep proving your competence with our CPD programme.

Opportunities for Involvement

  • IARSA Connect: IARSA’s online member community with hundreds of discussion posts, resource documents, and countless opportunities to connect with your peers.
  • Council of Deans, Faculties and Sections: Councils represent and support the administrators and faculty at IARSA member universities/colleges and associations.
  • Section: Member groups based on academic disciplines that provide a forum for the exchange of ideas pertinent to each Section.
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Member groups designed to help individuals stay informed and connected to colleagues with similar interests.
  • IARSA Committees: Members provide input on the development of policies, programmes and services for the Association through IARSA committees.
  • Collaborating with international partners on bilateral projects.
  • Fostering outreach and education research for policy leader and the general public
  • Promoting diversity and including in the scientific workforce. c
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