a. Forming Global Linkages

IARSA serves as a key consultant to university leaders to help identify and develop partnerships with international universities.

We can:
i. Bring a delegation of IARSA experts to the university to meet with key stakeholders to identify goals and potential international partners;
ii. Conduct a needs analysis and develop recommendations on the University’s partnership strategy goals;
iii. Develop and organize a one to two-week Partnership Development Study International Tour for university officials to visit key institutions, explore best practices in building international linkages, and meet with potential partners;
iv. Provide ongoing strategic advice and recommendations on critical partnership strategies and programmes.

b. International Development

IARSA partners with governments, international development agencies, foundations, universities and corporations, leveraging its international networks to collaborate on sustainable solutions for long-term development.

c. Participant Training

IARSA is committed to enhancing knowledge, promoting a skilled workforce and opening minds to the world through undergraduate and graduate degree programmes, skills and workforce training, study tours and programmes.

IARSA Has Expertise to Manage Participant Training Programmes in the Following Key Areas:

i. Outreach and Recruitment. Our robust networks advertise and promote participant training and scholarship opportunities through universities, ministries of education, embassies and NGOs.

ii. Participant Selection. Fair and open selection procedures occur in multi-stage processes involving expert panels.

iii. Placement Services. Unparalleled expertise placing participants in educational institutions and workforce development and international training programmes to ensure fast track and tailored-timing placements in degree and non-degree programmes.

iv. Pre-Departure Preparation. Experience in providing all pre-departure requirements to prepare participants for their programmes: Security Risk and Fraud Inquiry, immigration documentation, visa issuance, medical clearance and insurance enrollment.

v. Pre-Academic and Orientation Programmes. Expertise designing programmes to prepare participants for academic or technical training and to facilitate their cultural and practical adjustments.

vi. Participant Monitoring and Support. A robust and personalized support and monitoring programme for training participants. IARSA assigns each participant an adviser who serves as the participant’s mentor throughout the training programme and is responsible for monitoring academic and personal progress.

vii. Experts and Trainers. Access to local, experienced trainers and experts in fields such as leadership development, strategic planning, business and entrepreneurship, economics and educational administration, among others.

viii. Logistical Coordination and Support. On the ground logistical support and coordination in all world regions facilitates smooth programme implementation.

ix. Financial Management. The systems and experience to manage all financial payments and monitoring of participant tuition and fees, living stipends and other costs related to training activities.

x. Re-Entry and Alumni Activities. Expertise managing effective re-entry activities that support long-term sustainability and builds on the participants’ training experiences.