IARSA strengthens and links institutions of higher education, conducts research on student mobility to inform higher educational policy and provides opportunities for joint learning and exchange of ideas, leveraging its worldwide network of experts and leaders in higher education.

IARSA Has Expertise in the Following Key Areas to Build Capacity at Institutions of Higher Education around the World

i. Strategic Planning and Institutional Capacity Building. Robust networks including access to leading experts to assess needs, provide technical assistance and share best practices from higher education systems around the world.

ii. Forming Global Higher Education Linkages. Proven processes for identifying goals and potential international partners, making recommendations on a university’s partnership strategy goals and arranging for university officials to visit key institutions and potential partners.

iii. Participant Training. Unparalleled expertise managing training programmes to place and monitor students, faculty and professionals in long and short-term degree or certificate programmes, drawing on our extensive relationships with academic institutions throughout the world.

iv. Programme Evaluation. Extensive experience in carrying out all stages of short- and long-term program evaluations, from assessing programme process and implementation to examining outcomes and impact.

v. Policy Research. Expertly crafted projects and custom reports which help measure and document trends in international higher education development and academic mobility.