IARSA offers a Group Membership discount programme to our research partner/collaborator. Each member must be employed by a research partner/collaborator. Organisations who are not affiliated with International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) may not sign up under the group membership discount). Terms will run for one year and renewals shall be due by the one year anniversary date. Any group membership discount not renewed will terminate all memberships within the programme unless individuals decide to renew on their own without the discount. Group members will be considered Individual Members and will have all the rights and benefits afforded to them per IARSA bylaws. Membership resides with the individual regardless of who settles the financial terms and cannot be terminated for reasons other than those listed in the IARSA bylaws.

• 6-10 members – 25 percent discount off individual membership rate in each membership category
• 11-20 members – 30 percent discount off individual membership rate in each membership category
• 21 or more members – 40 percent discount off individual membership rate in each membership category

Primary Contact: The employing organisation must have one primary contact that will be responsible for initially signing all group members up at one time. The primary contact will be IARSA’s sole contact for the Group Membership. If individuals contact IARSA to be added onto the group membership throughout the year, the primary contact must approve.

Group Membership Terms
Group memberships will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. If members of the group are converting from an individual membership to a group discount, they may lose part of their annual individual membership due to the timing of the transition as no pro-rated credit will be given. The only exception to refunding a prorated amount will be for members who joined individually within the previous 30 days. For example, if your membership is due to expire in March and your organization signs up for the group discount programme in January, you will lose the portion of your previous membership that would have covered you from January through March.

Termination of Member from Group Membership Roster
An organization may not exchange a membership for another person during the annual term for any reason. If an individual leaves prior to the membership expiring, the employer cannot transfer that membership to another employee. Memberships are not refundable in full or part.

New members may be added to the Group Discount Plan upon annual renewal. New members may also be added to a current group plan and have the discounted dues prorated for the individual based on the renewal cycle and time of year. IARSA reserves the right to limit to changes to discount group plans if changes become regular outside of the annual cycle. All changes must be communicated through the primary contact.

Group Memberships are considered Individual Memberships
Even though a group membership is in place, all are considered Individual Memberships and owned by each individual. If an individual leaves the organization prior to the membership expiring, the individual member will retain that membership provided they continue to meet membership eligibility criteria for the remainder of the term. These same individuals may also convert their membership to Interim Status if appropriate for up to one year. These same individuals will be responsible for any renewal applications and payments.

If your organization is interested in taking advantage of the group discount programme, please contact Dr. Funmi Olusa at or The more members you sign up, the better the deal!

Please note: Group Membership discounts may not be combined with any other membership discounts including Chapter Membership discounts. (Group members need to pay an additional $50 to belong to the chapter.)

Applications are subject to review and approval

Event Discounts
IARSA’s Annual International Conference group discounts are available—register three members for full event registration and the fourth registration is FREE. Discounts are available for other events