Global Issues in Multidisciplinary Education, Research and Technology Development” (GIMERTD 2019) is organized by International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA). The conference will bring together experts in education and development, university leaders and heads of the university networks and associations as well as international educators interested in discussing ties between education, research and technology. As such the conference is aimed at the rethinking the role of the education, research and the concept of the technology development as such. This conference presents such an opportunity, as it will enable delegates and presenters to explore scholarly work in an open and collegial arena.


The discussion is to be held in a number of panel sessions, the topics of which are ranging from new (digital) educational technologies to the concept of the development. The conference will focus, among other important things, on the changing role of the university in the development of our increasingly interconnected, globalized and essentially digitalized world. As such it both continues the dialogue the previous events began and widens the discussion through linking its focus to the new understanding of the technology development.


In the spirit of this multidisciplinary approach, papers (in English) from all the aforementioned scientific and research areas are welcome. You may participate as a presenter of one paper, chair or/and organizer of a session or an observer. …Read more

GIMERTD 20th-21st Nov. 2019


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