We define IARSA’s Forum’ as a specialized team of researchers of a specific field of study. The researchers of a forum are supposed to the master of that field. The members of the forum consist of the faculty members, independent researchers, PhD Scholars and professionals of different countries of the world. IARSA has now more than 30 forums dedicated to extensive research around the world.

The following is the list of IARSA Forums.

• Tourism Hospitality Management
• Theology
• Statistics
• Sociology
• Public Administration
• Psychology
• Political Science Physics
• Physical Education
• Philosophy
• Peace and Conflicts
• Nursing
• Natural Science
• Music
• Management Information Systems
• Mathematics
• Literature
• Linguistics
• Library and Information Science
• Law
• Language
• Journalism and Mass Communication
• International Studies
• International Relations
• International Business
• Human Resources Management
• History
• Health Science
• Geography
• Finance
• Entrepreneurship
• Engineering