Education Research and Research Policy at IARSA pursues projects, initiatives and activities to advance the field of education research and research policy; promote cutting-edge lines of study, and deepen our knowledge about education research and research policy as a discipline, profession and field. Key activities of the division include:

a. Assessment of Education Research Doctorate Programmes. The assessment will yield critical data and findings that can be used to establish benchmarks and quality criteria to advance and improve education research doctorate programmes internationally.

b. Research Conferences Programme which awards grants for conferences intended to break new ground in substantive areas of inquiry, stimulate new lines of study on issues that have been largely unexplored, or develop innovative research methods or techniques that can contribute to education research.

c. Education Research Service Projects (ERSP) programme, which is designed to encourage education researchers to offer their pro bono expertise to educational organisations, institutions, or other community groups that have identified and expressed a need for such assistance.