Research Administration And Management Practice (Ramp)


Research Administration and Management Practice (RAMP) is a complex and interesting field with roles spanning hospitals, universities, colleges and non-profit research organizations. Positions in Research Administration range from research facilitation to clinical trials, research ethics to laboratory/project management and more. Designed to develop effective research administrators, this programme provides opportunities to learn new skill and gain understanding of key areas of research administration across industries to help you move forward in your career.

Research Administration and Management Practice embraces anything that universities can do to maximise the impact of their research activity, but which is not part of the research process itself. This includes assisting with identifying new sources of funds and negotiating contracts with external sponsors, through to financial management of research projects and exploiting and disseminating research results.

The Research Administration and Management Practice explains concepts regarding research administration and management including the varying structures of sponsored programmes, research advancement and development responsibilities, and award process specifics (pre-award, award negotiation and acceptance, and post-award). It also assists individuals working or seeking employment in research administration by exploring professional opportunities, various available resources, professional associations/organizations, advanced learning opportunities, and more.

RAMP programme can help you develop the managerial skills needed to advance as a leader within the field of research administration and management. Through our intensive, integrated learning experience, you will gain a deep understanding of the entire life cycle of the research administration and management process, transforming you into a well-rounded professional, ready to move your career forward.



This programme is suitable for learners seeking an educational resource on research administration and management, as well as a discussion of professional and personal development in the industry.

It is also intended for research administration professionals (sponsored programmes professionals and managers), principal investigators, project directors, and others who are responsible for research administration. It may also help individuals determine whether a career in research administration is right for them.



The core contents for RAMP emphasizes: leadership development, research development, research administration, staffing and management, research and faculty development, innovation and economic development, integrity and stewardship and pre-award, award negotiation and acceptance, and post-award.

Learning Result

  • Design a system/programme that provides effective research administrative support for legal, regulatory and ethical compliance.
  • Align funding requirements with appropriate funding opportunities.
  • Plan for human resource considerations that are relevant to multiple phases of research, including: proposal development, project life-cycle, and post-project.
  • Manage detailed project budgets that are aligned with project timelines and total costing.
  • Explain how research institutions generate and receive funding.
  • Analyze research funding trends and issues in an international context.
  • Compose funding proposals with key considerations including: budgeting, human resources, financial management, reporting and impact enhancement/commercialization of research.
  • Design internal audit mechanisms to support external audits.

Analyze the main types of contracts that are relevant to a research administrator and choose appropriate contract option.

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