a. Scholarship Programmes
The International Association of Research Scholars and Administration (IARSA) manage undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level scholarships at accredited academic institutions throughout the world. IARSA implements many of the world’s most prestigious scholarship programmes and manages global scholarships through our network of domestic and international offices.

b. Educating Global Citizens
IARSA is at the forefront of increasing the number and diversity of international studies, encouraging study in places of growing strategic importance to all continents and helping international students gain skills to succeed in a global economy and interconnected world.

c. Science and Technology Programmes
IARSA works to develop the next generation of global leaders in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics field.

d. Extensive College and University Networks
IARSA works with hundreds of international educational institutions to design and administer academic and training programmes on behalf of government and private sponsors. In addition, IARSA manages the IARSA Network, an association of universities, two and four-year colleges, national and international exchange agencies and educational not-for-profit organizations around the world.