ASSOCIATION – for Everybody!

Besides the research and education, an important mission of the Association is to share new information and know-how, which is rises from the research. This is done with various services and cooperation projects.

We provide our interest groups different – both tailored and ready-maid – training and research services and cooperation and development projects. We organise events and occasions and inform actively about the new achievements of the science.

Regarding services and other operations, we want genuine interaction and feedback from our interest groups.

We aim to collaborate closely with members, companies and organisations especially with developing education to match the work life and commercializing innovations.

Our mutual goal is to develop the whole society.

Centre for Professional Development Programmes (CPDP) is a reliable partner of individual experts and organizations alike. With the help of IARSA CPDP, you personally and your organization can obtain a professional head start and competitive edge. We will help you to update your knowledge and competencies, enhance your career development, and ensure that your expertise remains competitive in the future.

IARSA CPDP is known as an innovative actor; based on IARSA CPDP’s programmes, companies can directly apply the latest research findings from IARSA and other institutions. You can put the lessons from the programme directly into practice. The programme’s projects and assignments will be closely related to your own work.

We will be at your service at every step of your career.

IARSA Centre for Professional Development Programmes is a learning centre designing, custom-making and arranging courses and training for:

• Separate individuals
• Teams and other groups of employees
• Organizations, the public sector and private companies

Our strong areas of expertise are:
• Entrepreneurship and Business Development
• Management and Organization Development
• Social Services and Health Care
• Pedagogy and Continuing education for teachers at all levels
• Intercultural Communication and Global Understanding
• Sustainable Development
• Nature and the Environment
• Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
• Production of Culture and Cultural Competence
• Flexible Learning

Since our activity is based on the professional development programmes and research we have experience in arranging training in a vast number of other areas as well. Our own methods of working have provided us with skills in project- and teamwork, and through our international projects. We have gained access to extensive networks and a practical knowledge that we are more than happy to share.

We produce:

• Continuing education for different occupational groups
• Training projects
• Staff training

We aim at a high level of service and learning efficiency in the learning environments that we create.

The quality of our training services is guaranteed by diversified co-operation with:

• University departments and experts
• Private and public institutions
• National and international research associations and members.

You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in personal, institutional or corporate competence development or if you need a reliable partner for internal training in your organization.

We have a broad experience of international cooperation and experience of interaction with the surrounding society and of development projects.

Among the themes that we recently have been working with are innovations and creativity, entrepreneurship, future working culture and sustainable development.

We offer a professional head start