“Why? Because creating and sharing knowledge is fundamental to growing global knowledge economy and society. Any nation can only be successful in achieving their national goals when the relationship between research and innovation is fully developed” IARSA.


The International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) is an ideal crucible for transformative research—research driven by ideas that have the potential to change longstanding concepts and create new paradigms or fields in diverse areas of study. In addition to a spirit of intellectual innovation, IARSA researchers and members have had a longstanding commitment to linking transformative research to the world of action.


We support the professional development of emerging and established scholars. We advocate research-informed improvements in education and research. We seek engagement with high-quality research and discussions of important theoretical, methodological, practice and policy issues. IARSA conducts educational and research activities with a focus on academics and global issues, share those results with society at large, and contribute to the development of society.


IARSA is poised to address the challenges facing today’s world, challenges that require the groundbreaking ideas behind transformative research and effective implementation through use-inspired frameworks. We support individuals, institutions, corporate bodies and professionals in the collection, analysis, interpretation, and communication of data, and the strategic use of information for effective decision making and planning. IARSA is dedicated to advancing research at national and international levels.


The Association focuses on important education and research issues, including such areas as education reform, academic freedom, curriculum development, Improvement of Standards in Education Research, human development and global change. The Association achieves its mission through the promotion of an exemplary model of use-inspired research, sponsorship of projects in collaboration with other research institutes and associations, publications, conferences and members internships.





IARSA programmatic activities focus on global forum for all those involved in education research in primary or secondary schools, colleges, universities or the workplace at national and international scales; developing networks and mutually supporting capacity building. They include:


  1. Centre for Professional Development Programmes (CPDP):

    Centre for Professional Development Programmes (CPDP) is a reliable partner of individual experts and organisations alike. With the help of IARSA CPDP, individual and organization can obtain a professional head start and competitive edge. We help you to update your knowledge and competencies, enhance your career development, and ensure that your expertise remains competitive in the future.


  1. Publications:

    IARSA publishes an annual volume on International Education and Research Journal that aims to feature studies that are proportional, international and global in significance across a breadth of topics related to education and learning. IARSA International Education and Research Journal (IIERJ) accepts research works from scholars, academicians, professors, doctorates, lecturers, and corporate in their respective expertise of studies.

  2. Research:

    IARSA provides researchers and research students with unique experiences and opportunities. The broad-ranging research at IARSA is innovative, characterised by multidisciplinary cooperation, closely linked to education and stands in close contact with society. Research at IARSA always brings results. We can transform some research results into innovations in the form of physical objects, components, methods, or concepts that can be released onto commercial markets.

  3. Training:

    IARSA provides a range of training programmes and courses for education and training in research. These training opportunities are led by experts who provide key insights into becoming an effective researcher.

Our course presenters are experts in their fields and are actively engaged in major leading-edge research projects across the globe. They are highly skilled in communicating complex science and management techniques, in an accessible and engaging manner. Our research training team can also adapt any of our high quality courses to suit your needs or develop an entirely new programme specifically for your institution or company.

  1. Events and Conferences:

    The one of the roles of IARSA is to provide cross-disciplinary forums wherein scholars gather to exchange and debate ideas generated from academic viewpoints, global and contemporary issues. This cross-disciplinary commitment of the organisation creates a landscape for the discussion of broader policy issues such as minority studies, gender studies, multicultural education, democracy, and issues of educational equality and equity.

  1. Consultancy Services:

    IARSA Consulting provides strategic advice and political risk analysis to a wide range of government and commercial clients. Consultancy services cover a wide range – from preparation of feasibility reports and project appraisals to institutional and organisational restructuring, development and Interventions, market researches and development of Effective Marketing Strategies.

To meet client needs IARSA Consulting draws on expertise within the IARSA permanent and senior research staff and the wider network of IARSA experts within its global membership.

We operate a worldwide team of specialist researchers and consultants who work closely with employers and human resource development professionals from across all industries and sectors to help them devise and build expert training programmes that meet their specific skills.

Businesses in the financial services, energy, defence, shipping, telecommunications and other industries have sought analysis and advice from IARSA Consulting as they take decisions in a complex international environment

  1. Awards:

    One of IARSA’s priorities is to ensure that school leaders and administrators are recognized for their excellence.Through our annual awards programme, we honour students, researchers, administrators, institutions and community organisations for their achievements and their dedication to public and private education and research.


  1. Website:

    The IARSA websites (iarsa.org and www.iarsa.info) are information resource on education research worldwide and the individual, institutional and corporate members include research partners that work with IARSA.