IARSA is taking action to respond to critical needs in research in diversified areas of human endeavours. Your support will sustain our research activities and enables us to provide emergency to our research works; help to students and scholars from countries in crisis, increase opportunities for young people to study, and increase access to higher education for women.

We are committed to the highest standards and best practices in research and in managing our growth. IARSA is recognised regularly by charity rating agencies and publications for its growth, efficiency and dedication to mission.

Our careful and effective use of your donations – will fully 94 percent of which will go directly to fund our research programmes – ensures that your financial contribution will have a direct impact on the issues that concern you most.

Your tax-deductible donation will help support the mission of IARSA. IARSA holds over 10 ongoing research projects, webinars and 8 educational meetings per year, publishes a monthly newsletter and biannual academic journal, and is the premier resource for researchers in the world. Well-trained people and best practices promote and substantiate the standards and prestige of research management.


• When you give to IARSA, you are part of an elite group, ones who understand that research today is global and to solve complicated research problems there needs to be standards for managing research and that IARSA is the premier leader for research management across all disciplines and research environments.
• The personal reward of contributing to the success of an organisation which supports activities that you are involved.
• The recognition you will receive in an IARSA publication.

We rely on voluntary donations to support our research activities and programmes

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We are grateful for your support of your International Association of Research Scholars and Administrators (IARSA).

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